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The others maybe OK, but they are no Great Shakes


The others maybe OK, but they are no Great Shakes

To us, ice cream is best once it has had a chance to soften a bit..  Most great restaurants know that premium hard ice cream should be allowed to warm before being served.  At the perfect temperature, ice cream delivers the very best smooth, melty and rich taste possible.  Our shakes and malts are specially made to the perfect temperature to immediately deliver the best ice cream has to offer - no waiting required.  Plus, we use only whole, natural ingredients – nothing artificial.    This combination allows us to bring you the very best shake or malt you will ever experience.

Premium ice cream, whole, all-natural and home-made ingredients make a Great Shake

We have over 25 flavor suggestions on our menu and we are constantly adding new flavors.  Choose one of our flavor combinations, or, since we make every delicious Great Shake from scratch, create your own.  We won’t nickel and dime you with added costs for the ingredients you choose.  No matter what shake or malt combination you come up with, we guarantee it will be delicious, or we will fix it!  So go ahead, feel free!

Freedom to Choose

Customer service is as important to us as the quality of our products.  We want you to enjoy every aspect of your experience at Great Shakes.   Nothing makes us happier than making you happy.  We strive to provide you with exceptional customer service with a sincere smile.  And, we guarantee that you will be completely delighted with your shake or malt!

Exceptional customer service

The best shakes and malts